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The campaign has been extended untill May 8th.

Every week, hundreds of babies are born in refugee camps in Idlib, Syria. Mothers have been forced to leave their homes, often with only the items they can carry and clothes on their backs, leaving them without even the most basic necessities to care for a newborn.

With your help, we will hand deliver a Parcel of Love to 1,500 Syrian babies born in refugee camps. Each Parcel of Love will be filled with baby essentials: baby formula, warm clothing and blankets, healthcare items, and a packable bassinet for the baby to sleep in.

Help Us Deliver a Parcel of Love for Syrian Babies Born in Camps. Because Every Single Child on Earth Deserves a Loving Start to Life.

Parenthood should be a time of great joy and celebrated milestones. However, every several seconds, as a newborn takes its first breath in refugee camps, born into exile, the uncertainty of life becomes its greatest burden.

Simply take a moment to reflect on the devastating picture:
Families living in abandoned buildings…
Exposed in the cold with no food…
Newborn babies sleeping in discarded cardboard boxes…


In Idlib camps, tens of thousands of internationally displaced babies are being born without adequate shelter, proper clothing and milk to sustain their fragile bodies. Malnourished mothers, unable to produce milk under stressful and cramped living conditions, are left feeding their newborns sugar water, leading to devastating consequences – extreme starvation, malnourishment and impending death.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

We can offer these babies hope of a brighter future, help to alleviate their parents’ suffering, and show them they’re not alone.


Give a Gift of Hope - a Parcel of Love!

With the help of Heroic Hearts, we will provide 1,500 new mothers with a Parcel of Love filled with life-sustaining baby items, including: baby formula, warm clothing and blankets, healthcare essentials, and a packable bassinet for their babies to sleep in.

You can choose to purchase a portion of the box – each a critical component to the health and well-being of a newborn baby – or the fully equipped baby box that will include all essential items to sustain an infant for the most critical and precious first six months of its life.

This box is a symbol of our love and a promise of a better tomorrow.

Great opportunities to help those less fortunate are few and far between, but small ones surround us every single day. Here at the Heroic Hearts organization we are striving to save humanity, one soul at a time.



• 100% donation policy!  Ensures that every dollar of your generous contribution goes directly to the program.  Not a single penny of your contribution will be used for Administrative expenses.

• 100% volunteer board!  A set of dedicated and influential individuals, completely dedicated to the cause, without any form of compensation.  

• Strong committed team on the ground, native to the country where we are launching our programs, allows for a network of well-connected personnel to manage the collection and distribution of supplies.


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