Baby Essentials

  1. Bath Time

    Bath Time

    Bathing essentials include one hooded towel, five washcloths and tear-free, baby-safe soap. Learn More

  2. First Aid

    First Aid

    Provide baby with necessary health and safety supplies, including a thermometer, nasal aspirator and two pacifiers. Learn More

  3. Diapering


    Supply baby with 10 cloth diapers, diaper pins and two packs of baby wipes. Learn More

  4. Baby Basinet

    Baby Basinet

    The packable baby box basinet provides baby with a safe haven to sleep in with a warm and comfy blanket. Learn More

  5. Clothing


    Keep baby warm and clothed, with two long-sleeved sleepers, five bodysuits, two pairs of pants, two tee tops, two caps, two pairs of mittens, two pairs of socks and four swaddling blankets. Learn More

  6. Feeding Essentials

    Feeding Essentials

    Provide one infant with a six-month supply of formula, as well as bottles, two burp cloths and two feeding bibs. Learn More

  7. Fully Equipped Baby Box

    Fully Equipped Baby Box

    The Baby Box is a travel-ready basinet where baby can safely sleep, fully stocked with all necessities, including feeding, clothing, diapering, first aid and bathing supplies. Learn More

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