Why choose

The Heroic Hearts Organization?

Heroic Hearts 100% donor program policy and passionate volunteer board members make us stand apart.

When it comes to charitable organizations, you have many choices, which makes it difficult to decide which organization to support.

But Heroic Hearts stands far apart from those other organizations in many ways! Heroic Hearts is founded by our principal board member with over 10 years of mature International Relief experience.  Add to that our Administrative team members which bring deep experiences in many facets of running an Organization.  Best of all, the staff works tirelessly and without compensation to advance our cause.

Additionally, we have a 100% donor program policy.   This ensures that your entire donation goes directly to the program, and not a single penny is used for Administrative expenses.

To sum it up

• 100% donation policy!  Ensures that every dollar of your generous contribution goes directly to the program.  Not a single penny of your contribution will be used for Administrative expenses.

• 100% volunteer board!  A set of dedicated and influential individuals, completely dedicated to the cause, without any form of compensation.

• Strong committed team on the ground, native to the country where we are launching our programs, allows for a network of well-connected personnel to manage the collection and distribution of supplies.

• A team mature in International Relief efforts in various parts of the world with a proven track record of bringing relief to many in need.

Heroic Hearts is established at a time when crisis around the world has escalated to unprecedented levels and continues to destroy the lives of many in various parts of the world.

As such, many more charitable funds are needed to bring relief to effected individuals.

A team of highly motivated and educated individuals that have a desire to make a difference in the lives of individuals most effected by a crisis.

With a combined total experience of over 10 years, the Heroic Hearts team is dedicated to raising awareness and funds for the benefit of poor and indigent communities suffering due to lack of basic human necessities such as food, water, clothing and education.

We believe that the difference between doing something and doing nothing, is everything. Heroic Hearts is deemed successful even if just one life is saved.
Heroic Hearts is dedicated to not only bringing aid to devastated communities in physical form, but also spiritually in the form of reignited faith and hope.
We believe that no single life on this planet should be marginalized, whether it be due to social, political or economical issues. We are here to serve those communities most forgotten.

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