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Give your Zakat to Orphans

Give your Zakat to Orphans

Heroic Hearts Organization (HHO) strives to keep the well-being of orphaned children a top most priority. Participation in our 100% Zakat eligible orphan fund gives our generous donors the opportunity to give a child a real chance at a healthy and prosperous future.
Rohingya Orphans Sponsorship

Rohingya Orphans Sponsorship

By choosing to donate to this group, say yes we hear your cries of help Rohingya and with just a recurring monthly sum of $35 you can change the life of one orphan child. Your contribution will give one child a place to call home at our Dar Al Amaan orphanage facility and give them a gift of security and belonging.
Mali Food Program

Mali Food Program

The Heroic Hearts Org Food Distribution programs deliver essential foods purely needed for survival. Food baskets containing dates, rice, lentils, flour, sugar, oil and much more are provided to the needy families in Mali, Africa. For only $40, you can offer a food parcel to a family for one month.

We Are Heroic Hearts

The Heroic Hearts Organization is 501(c)(3) nonprofit, non-political organization, intends to raise awareness and funds for the benefit of communities suffering abroad due to lack of basic human necessities, such as food, water, clothing and education, with an emphasis on reaching communities containing a large population of orphaned children and widows.

100% volunteer board! A set of dedicated and influential individuals, completely dedicated to the cause, without any form of compensation.

Why Donate With Us?

100% donation policy! Ensures that every dollar of your generous contribution goes directly to the program. Not a single penny of your contribution will be used for Administrative expenses.

Strong committed team on the ground, native to the country where we are launching our programs, allows for a network of well-connected personnel to manage the collection and distribution of supplies.

How can you help us?

Heroic Hearts has continuous projects running throughout the year. Food baskets, orphan sponsorship, soup kitchens, winter relief, amongst many other projects would not be sustainable without your generous contribution.

Please see ways in which you can get started helping today! Can’t make a monetary donation at this time? Don’t worry, there are still plenty of ways you can get involved.

Make a donation
Please take some time to learn more about the various initiatives we are running and how far your contribution can go in positively affecting many lives.
Become a volunteer
HHO is an ever growing, ambitious organization with a plethora of opportunities ranging from administrative to research and outreach.
Fundraise for us
Social media campaigns, special events, crowdsourcing campaigns and word of mouth are some ways for you to start fundraise and raise awareness.
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A social network like Facebook is an indispensable tool to publicize our actions, and your support through your likes and shares, is invaluable for the development of our organization.