Relief Aid

  1. Mali Relief Fund
  2. Syria Medical Aid

    Syria Medical Aid

    The HHO Medical Relief Fund will provide urgently needed medicine/medical equipment to doctors and aid-workers in Syria struggling to continue their work with limited resources. Learn More

  3. Donate Now
  4. Rohingya Relief Fund
  5. Syria - Women and Children's Housing

    Syria - Women and Children's Housing

    Heroic Hearts Org is on a mission to provide safe haven for a growing number of mothers and children who are victims of Syria's war. We have already started construction/repair of our first Heroic Hearts' Women and Children Shelter. This will be home for 64 orphaned families ( 5 to 7 members per family) with housing, food and other basic life necessities. The total construction/repair cost is $90,000. Your $1400 will go towards a long-term contribution for one family to have residence there. Each home within the housing complex comes complete with plumbing to meet sanitation needs, renewable solar power to meet electricity needs and regular water supply and food boxes. With each home, we also include a welcome kit that contains basic kitchen necessities.

    *you can also donate any amount

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