Special Programs

  1. Qurbani Mali

    Qurbani Mali

    Share your Qurbani/Udhiya with our brothers and sisters in Mali

    The Heroic Hearts is making arrangements for Qurbani for the Internally Displaced Persons (IDP’s) and the poorest people of Mali. The Heroic Hearts Org Qurbani/Udhiya program supports individuals living in areas that have seen the most devastation and are extremely hard to reach. Those struggling to survive in these communities are truly most in need and are counting on your generous contribution!

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  2. Syrian Relief

    Syrian Relief

    The Syrian Relief Fund aims to provide emergency relief in the form of food, clothing, shelter and medical assistance to affected families as well as those who have been internally displaced in the region due to continuing turmoil near their homes.

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  3. Syria - IDP Resettlement

    Syria - IDP Resettlement

    For $750 you can provide a comfortable home for one family and pay the rental costs for an ENTIRE YEAR! Each home within the housing complex comes complete with plumbing to meet sanitation needs, renewable solar power to meet electricity needs and regular water supply and food boxes. With each home, we also include a welcome kit that contains basic kitchen necessities. Learn More

  4. Aqiqah & Sadaqa

    Aqiqah & Sadaqa

    Make a difference in the world while celebrating your special day. Aqiqah, an Islamic terminology, is defined as the animal that is slaughtered on the occasion of child birth. Heroic Hearts’s aqiqah pack comprises the sacrifice of healthy sheep or goat, required two animals for a boy and one animal for a girl. Aqiqah animals and meat distributed to the poor and orphans.

    Aqiqah is performed within 2 to 4 days.*

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  5. Syria Medical Aid

    Syria Medical Aid

    The HHO Medical Relief Fund will provide urgently needed medicine/medical equipment to doctors and aid-workers in Syria struggling to continue their work with limited resources. Learn More

  6. 3D printed prosthetic

    3D printed prosthetic

    Heroic Hearts Org has launched its very first medical initiative to bring 3D printed prosthetic hand to the most helpless victims inside of Syria- young children. The overall cost to deliver one prosthetic hand is $350. This includes the materials and printing, logistics, and fitting of the hand. The majority of the cost is in the logistics phase of the process. You can donate and sponsor towards the delivery of a complete prosthetic hand for one child, or donate any amount towards the program. Learn More

  7. Syria Prosthetic Limbs

    Syria Prosthetic Limbs

    The Heroic Hearts Organization has set out to provide prosthetic legs for people in Syria who’ve suffered amputation due to the war. Thousands of men, women and children wait for organizations to help them in affording a prosthetic. A Complete prosthetic cost, including a prosthetic leg, necessary medical assessments and physical therapy can be provided for only $1300. We also welcome any size donations. Please don't wait, donate today. Someone is waiting right now. You have the ability to change lives, by just deciding to donate today. Learn More

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