1. Syria Orphan Sponsorship

    Syria Orphan Sponsorship

    By choosing this option, a recurring monthly sum of $50 will go towards providing basic necessities (food, clothing, shelter, medical care and education) for one child and his or her residing family members. Most importantly, our monthly sponsorship program gives a child a sense of safety and reassurance that he or she will receive care consistently from our generous donors. Learn More

  2. Rohingya Orphanage

    Rohingya Orphanage

    Heroic Hearts Org is on a mission to provide the most vulnerable Rohingya children a safe shelter where they can study, interact and most important of all, restore happiness and normalcy. In the coming weeks we will begin construction on our fifth Heroic Hearts Orphanage in Bangladesh. The residence will be complete with a sleeping hall for the children, three classrooms and a cafeteria with a full time chef preparing fresh food. A full Hifz and Islamic studies program will be offered to the children along with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) focused education.

    *Total construction cost is 20,000 This will be home for 100 children who will have space for boarding, lodging and room for studies.  Your 200$ will go towards a lifelong contribution for one child to have residence there.

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  3. Syria - Women and Children's Housing

    Syria - Women and Children's Housing

    Heroic Hearts Org is on a mission to provide safe haven for a growing number of mothers and children who are victims of Syria's war. We have already started construction/repair of our first Heroic Hearts' Women and Children Shelter. This will be home for 64 orphaned families ( 5 to 7 members per family) with housing, food and other basic life necessities. The total construction/repair cost is $90,000. Your $1400 will go towards a long-term contribution for one family to have residence there. Each home within the housing complex comes complete with plumbing to meet sanitation needs, renewable solar power to meet electricity needs and regular water supply and food boxes. With each home, we also include a welcome kit that contains basic kitchen necessities.

    *you can also donate any amount

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  4. Gaza Water Tanks Refills

    Gaza Water Tanks Refills

    The water supply in Gaza is contaminated by high levels of saline, chloride, and nitrates, which are triple the safe level that the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends. In response to Water Crisis in Gaza Heroic Hearts is installing 100s of 1000Ltr Water Tanks to provide safe clean water to the residents. This donation is for water tank refill, each tank cost $10 to fill up for one tank.

    Your $10 donation will go towards to provide 2 to 3 families with clean safe water for an entire week.

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  5. Rohingya Orphan Sponsorship

    Rohingya Orphan Sponsorship

    By choosing this option, a recurring monthly sum of $35 will go towards securing one orphan child's residence at our Dar Al Amaan orphanage facilities. Learn More

  6. Syria Winter Relief

    Syria Winter Relief

    By donating $6 (for warm blanket) or $25 (for heater) or $12 (forfuel refills) towards our winter campaign, one needy family will receive a winter essential winter gear to get through the grueling winter ahead. Your donations will have a tremendous impact this winter, but without your generosity, at least one household will not find relief from the harsh winter, leaving them vulnerable to the cold. Learn More

  7. Atiyah's fundraiser for Water Well in Mali

    Atiyah's fundraiser for Water Well in Mali

    As-salaamu-alaikum, I'm Atiyah and I'm 9 years old. I heard about how its hard for people in different parts of the world to get water, so I wanted to help and made this video. Together, I hope we can raise $2,500 to build a well in Mali insha'Allah! Please check out my video and donate whatever you can.

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  8. Rohingya Orphanage

    Rohingya Orphanage

    Water Wish Corp is on a mission to provide the most vulnerable Rohingya children a safe shelter where they can study, interact and most important of all, restore happiness and normalcy. We work hard to provide a safe space which where roughly 100 children are sheltered, fed, and receive hifz classes as well as a secular education. While this makeshift shelter has served its purpose, our team plans on creating a permanent space for our girls, which will create a more stable environment with increased living conditions.

    We need help to raise $20,000 to accomplish our mission! It is paramount to have your support and generous donations young Rohingya girls who have been through so much can live in conditions that do not compromise their state any further.

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  9. Dental Clinic Syria

    Dental Clinic Syria

    Heroic Hearts' Dental Clinic Syria will treat orphans, widows, IDPs and others in severe poverty.  It is our hope that the #HHOfamily will recognize the value of such a facility and help us find donors who will commit to monthly donations so we may meet the monthly operating budget of $2000.  Having trained dentists available to treat dental injuries from the war along with the type of dental problems found among those in poverty is very important.  Please help keep the HHO Dental Clinic open for those in severe poverty.

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  10. Mali Agricultural Program

    Mali Agricultural Program

    Mali's poorest farmers struggle everyday to afford the necessary equipment to plant their crops.  HHO has the opportunity to provide individual farmers with a plow and a seed sower for just $210.  Having access to these essential tools will make a powerful impact on their livelihood.

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