1. Syria Orphan Sponsorship
  2. Mali Iftar (Daily Hot Iftar Meal)
  3. Parcel Of Hope

    Parcel Of Hope

    The Heroic Hearts Org Food Distribution programs delivers essential foods purely needed for survival. Food baskets containing dates, rice, lentils, flour, sugar, oil and much more are provided to IDPs in Sittwe, Rakhine State, Myanmar (Burma) and Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh. Learn More

  4. Syria Medical Aid

    Syria Medical Aid

    The HHO Medical Relief Fund will provide urgently needed medicine/medical equipment to doctors and aid-workers in Syria struggling to continue their work with limited resources. Learn More

  5. 3D printed prosthetic

    3D printed prosthetic

    Heroic Hearts Org has launched its very first medical initiative to bring 3D printed prosthetic hand to the most helpless victims inside of Syria- young children. The overall cost to deliver one prosthetic hand is $350. This includes the materials and printing, logistics, and fitting of the hand. The majority of the cost is in the logistics phase of the process. You can donate and sponsor towards the delivery of a complete prosthetic hand for one child, or donate any amount towards the program. Learn More

  6. Ramadan Iftar Inside Syria

    Ramadan Iftar Inside Syria

    By donating as little as $45, you can ensure that one needy individual in Syria is provided one complete nutritious meal every day during the entire month of Ramadan.  The Heroic Hearts Org Iftar program supports individuals living in areas that have seen the most devastation and are extremely hard to reach. Those struggling to survive in these communities are truly most in need and are counting on your generous contribution!

    Learn More

  7. Syria Relief Fund
  8. Food for the Hungry
  9. HHO’s food aid programs
  10. Winter Relief

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