About Us - Heroic Hearts

Heroic Hearts focuses on assisting orphans, widows, and displaced individuals.

Heroic Hearts was established in 2016 at a time when humanitarian crises such as the civil war in Syria and the persecution of Rohingya Muslims had escalated to unprecedented levels with no relief in sight. Unable to sit and watch as their brothers and sisters across the world were suffering, a group of dedicated, sincere and highly motivated professionals founded Heroic Hearts. Our mission at Heroic Hearts is to raise awareness and funds in order to respond to the tremendous unmet need and lack of access to basic human necessities seen all across conflict-stricken areas of the globe. We are passionate about advocating for and bringing comfort to the most needy and vulnerable populations worldwide such as orphans, widows and displaced communities.

With over a decade of combined total experience in charitable operations, our best in class team, with the help of our generous donors, is able to support a robust portfolio of projects including: sponsoring over 4,000 orphans, distributing meals and clean drinking water to tens of thousands of families, building and operating schools and providing prosthetic limbs for maimed individuals.

The Heroic Hearts Org is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit and non-political organization. Heroic Hearts is run by a group of passionate volunteers to ensure that every dollar that is raised goes towards bettering the lives of orphans, widows and vulnerable communities suffering around the world.