Leadership and Board Members

Heroic Hearts is run by a committed and passionate group of volunteer board members. Our dedicated team has over ten years of experience in International Relief efforts and a diverse professional skill set. Our talented leadership team, devoted group of volunteers and strong ground team native to the country where we are launching our programs ensure that our relief efforts and charitable programs are run efficiently and successfully.


  1. Siraj Muhammad – President, founder and key management leader of Heroic Hearts Organization. He is responsible for implementing the organization's vision, mission, strategy and overseeing and leading the complete operations of the organization. Siraj has over 10 years of experience in international relief work and he served as senior leadership in a various non-profit. Siraj has a background in Information Technology and is a Senior Solution Architect.
  2. Sara Hasan – Vice President and Secretary; Sara has been a volunteer with Heroic Hearts since its inception. Sara is responsible for creating most of the organizations communication and marketing materials to increase awareness of our programs, raise funds and to educate the local community about the extensive unmet need in various parts of the world. Sara has a background in finance and is a licensed real estate agent.
  3. Imran Misbah – Treasurer; Imran provides financial management and accounting oversight of the donor funds at Heroic Hearts. Imran has extensive experience in accounting and financial management services with non-profit organizations. Imran has a background in Accounting and a CPA.
  4. Mujeeb AbdurRahman - at Heroic Hearts was given the opportunity to serve as one of the board members to serve the humanitarian cause for feeding and meeting needs of orphans and windows. Mujeeb is responsible for managing HHO IT and the Masasjid outreaches. Mujeeb has a background in Information Technology and is a Senior Manager.