Heroic Hearts 100% donor program policy and passionate volunteer board members make us stand apart

Our 100% Donor Program Policy

Heroic Hearts has a unique 100% Donor Program Policy. This means that every dollar that is donated is used to support programs that bring relief to needy individuals and communities. We do not use donor funds to cover any administrative or overhead expenses. When you donate to Heroic Hearts you can be confident that your dollars will only be used to help improve the lives of orphans, widows and vulnerable communities in need.

  • 100% donation policy!  Ensures that every dollar of your generous contribution goes directly to the program.  Not a single penny of your contribution will be used for Administrative expenses.
  • 100% volunteer board! A set of dedicated and influential individuals, completely dedicated to the cause, without any form of compensation.
  • Strong committed team on the ground, native to the country where we are launching our programs, allows for a network of well-connected personnel to manage the collection and distribution of supplies.
  • A team mature in International Relief efforts in various parts of the world with a proven track record of bringing relief to many in need.